Welcome to Connecticut Infragard!

Welcome to the Connecticut Chapter of Infragard's web home page. All active content for our chapter is now located within our LinkedIn page at https://www.linkedin.com/groups/4552563/    

Note that you must be a member of the chapter's LinkedIn Group to see content there. If you have not yet joined that group, use the same link and on that page you will find a request to join link. 

All chapter communications eminate from the portal within the national website: www.infragard.org   You MUST log in periodically to continue receiving email to your external (i.e. non-infragard.org portal) email.  The web site has a link to assist you with login issues. Email, etc. from the chapter will not be forwarded from your site email account to the email address you have on file if you have not logged in within a prescribed period of time, typically 3-6 months. Make note on your calendar if that would be helpful to log in periodically to ensure you continue getting chapter and national email. Note that email that was not forwarded can still be found within the Infragard.org email portal. Also note that attachments can be found in the email portal there, but email attachments will not be included with portal forwarded email.