Infragard Attracts More Than 7,000 New Applicants Each Year

By: Jacob Goodwin
March 8, 2013

The FBI’s cyber division plans to gather personal information from approximately 7,200 individuals each year who want to become members of the Bureau’s National Infragard Program.

Infragard is a public-private partnership between the FBI and members of the private sector who are focused on intrusions and vulnerabilities affecting 18 critical infrastructures.

“Personal information is collected by the FBI for vetting and background information to obtain membership to the Program and access to its secure portal,” says a Federal Register notice published on March 8.

Currently, Infragard has 55,677 members, the FBI reported, and it receives about 7,200 applications from prospective new members each year. The cyber division’s National Industry Partnership Unit estimates that it takes each new applicant about 30 minutes to fill out the required forms.

Further information is available from Jerri Murray, of the Department of Justice, at Justice Management Division, Policy and Planning Staff, Two Constitution Square, 145 N Street, NE, Room 3W-1407B,Washington, DC  20530.